Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beauty, imagination, and the what if?

I'm not sure what I like most about this spot. The graceful overlapping of reality and surreality. The perfectly-woven dreamlike music. The regretfully-romantic voiceover of a favorite actor. The nostalgic-yet-timeless art direction. The flawless final scene transition, lingering on a fleeting look before taking us to a present day self actualization.

The idea that you could put an ad like this out into an audience that has previously been treated to humor, hijinks, and shallowness is impressive. Sure, they're supporting the concept in funny and less epic ways through social media. But still, they've hit on something that not only speaks to the AXE-drenched teenage kid who just wants to get laid. It speaks to anyone who's ever been in love. Or in high school. So, will guys in their forties be buying more AXE? Well, hopefully not.

Of everything, the copywriting gets me the most. It's the hopeless romantic in me. Every word is heavy-hearted, yet quirky. A man poetically lamenting about an intriguing girl next door. Not the cheerleader, but the universal girl who got away. Not a girl, the girl. BBH New York has crafted an unexpected masterpiece that plays to our own sense of what if.

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