Saturday, April 14, 2012

Storytelling and advertising.

People ask why I'm drawn to advertising over design alone. Without a doubt, it's the focus on copy first. Storytelling is the difference between decoration and intentional visual meaning. And here's what George Louis said about that:

Even though the synergy between words and images is crucial, Lois always tells people just starting out in advertising that when concocting a great ad, the words must come first. "They look at me stunned," he says. "They say, 'No, no, you create these powerful visual images. Why would you think of copy first?' I say, 'Because, a line, a slogan should be famous."
One powerful idea or headline can spawn an instant visual direction. If you have a strong idea, you don't have to retroactively search for connections in the visuals. Art and copy ignite each other. And the idea's media road map goes from there. You're not forcing anything.

Whatever the application, we should approach every project with storytelling in mind. Build the brand's character and create what drives it.

For fellow fans of storytelling, this TED talk by Andrew Stanton is a must see. Here are some of his storytelling insights applied to an advertising audience:

1. Make them care. Emotionally and aesthetically.
2. Promise that the brand experience is worth their time. And always deliver on that.
3. Sometimes it's the absence of information that draws them in.
4. Give them 2 + 2, not 4. Let them participate.
5. An evolving brand experience should be inevitable, not predictable.
6. Find what drives your audience, then encourage them to take the wheel and steer it.
7. Remember, change is fundamental.
8. Evoke wonder.

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