Sunday, December 20, 2015

99U: The Power of Empathy Over Ego

My talk from the first-ever 99U Local Worldwide Event event last September.

Jen Hohn, Executive Creative Director at Vladimir Jones, explores the power of empathy — in both creativity and leadership. 
Unless you happen to be a fine artist getting paid to make your latest crazy whim, your creative job is probably not about you. If you’re a creator, you work for your client’s audience. And if you’re a leader, you work for your team (not the other way around). Now, more than ever, creatives must get into the minds of their targets and give them the reigns to interact with brands. And leaders must listen to a new workforce that demands a two-way relationship. It’s no longer about ruling followers; it’s about mentoring more leaders. In her 99U talk, Jen explores the neuroscience of how getting over yourself and into another’s shoes will not only help you climb the creative ranks, but will also bring more meaning to what you create.

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Thanks to my new Co-ECD Matt (Vladimir Jones), Jeff (Grenadier) and Max (School) for taking the stage with me. And, thanks to Studio C3 for filming/producing these videos and to Chip Kalback for the head shots. Also, thanks to the amazing Colorado community that came out that night and cheered us on.

I hope all of you are inspired to go forth and make ideas happen.

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