Tuesday, August 25, 2015

99U Local: Denver // Speakers Announced

All of the 99U Ambassadors from around the world while we were together at the New York Conference.

Introducing 99U Local:
 A One-Night Event Hosted in 28 Cities Worldwide. 

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us for an intimate, new 99U talk series about how to kill it in your creative career. The program will feature three short talks offering practical, creative career and business advice from exceptional Coloradans who are making ideas happen. Come for the road-tested, no-bullshit advice. Stay for the drinks, food, and networking.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Denver Post Events Venue Auditorium
101 West Colfax, Denver, CO 80202

This event is free to attend, but there are a limited number of spots available, so we highly recommend you RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/99U-Local-Denver/

Speakers and Topics Include:

Max Lenderman
Founder and CEO at School
How To Try and Give a Shit
We are all faced with the prospect of becoming uninterested in our work, and worse still, uninterested in the world around us. But we all know that to truly get to great work — and to dent the world a bit — we need to give a shit. So how can we get there and stay there? In this 99U talk, Max Lenderman explores the ways that we can all get to give a shit. Drawing on his experiences from the Peace Corps, running creative teams at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and founding a “purpose-based” agency in Boulder, Max will try to get us a to give a shit a bit more. 

Jeff Graham
Founder and Partner at Grenadier
Creative Account Leadership
They have terrible design skills, and (God willing) will never write a single line of copy; but creatively-driven account managers are critical to making the work happen – by creating the conditions on their accounts that allow bold, culture-changing ideas to live. To be a successful account person in a creative agency, it requires a different perspective on the advertising industry, and a rare breed of partnership with creative teams. Today's most sought after account talent transcends the table stakes of owning business strategy and the client relationship. They also make it their business to be students of great creative ideas across platforms, and around the globe. They possess a producer/maker mindset. They're relentlessly focused on generating consumer insights & creative briefs that inspire creative teams to do the best work of their careers. They condition their clients to expect it, and give them the courage to make it. Creative account leaders are as responsible for killer campaigns as any writer or art director in the business; and at 99U Jeff Graham will talk about what it means to be one.

Matt Ingwalson
VP and Creative Director at IMM
Don't Let Smart Be Dumb
The Internet gives marketers access to an infinite amount of data. But used incorrectly, all those numbers lead to false conclusions, off-target creative, and the wrong sorts of consumer actions. In this talk, Matt will outline the common mistakes we make when we tap into Big Data. And he'll share a strategic process for getting from an unwieldy set of numbers to a tight brief that will set your creative team - and client - up for success.

Jennifer Hohn
Creative Director at Vladimir Jones and your 99U Ambassador
The Power of Empathy Over Ego
Unless you happen to be a fine artist getting paid to make your latest crazy whim, your creative job is probably not about you. If you’re a creator, you work for your client’s audience. And if you’re a leader, you work for your team (not the other way around). Now, more than ever, creatives must get into the minds of their targets and give them the reigns to interact with brands. And leaders must listen to a new workforce that demands a two-way relationship. It’s no longer about ruling followers; it’s about mentoring more leaders. Let's explore the neuroscience of how getting over yourself and into another’s shoes will not only help you climb the creative ranks, but will also bring more meaning to what you create. In her 99U talk, Jen will explore the undeniable power of empathy—in both creativity and leadership. 

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