Monday, May 14, 2012

Change is hard, but it's a great thing.

When you leave an agency, it's not like clocking out from a factory job. Your coworkers become your close friends and family. A safe little world where you can unleash crazy ideas at will. You're surrounded by young talent who you've helped mentor and by creative incumbents who have influenced what you are today. It's always harder than you think to say goodbye.

No matter how busy things get over the years, you take the good times and the small victories with you. Like the time I was nominated to sell our suggestive app and disruptive ideas to a large group of conservative older women because, apparently, I was the only one who could pull if off without offending them. We built an elaborate presentation to repetitively remind them that they were not the target audience. We found examples that like-minded thinking had been successful within their intended audience of collegiate men and women. Believe it or not, and in spite of my inevitable blushing, I sold it. The work changed the organization's stodgy preconceptions and the executions generated positive awareness for their cause. It was the beginning of an evolution they needed to make to stay relevant.

So, after five eventful years at my last agency, I find myself at the forefront of change. Filled with excitement and anticipation, I hope to grow with a great new team of people in a brand new space. Opportunities are everywhere. I can't wait to see where we will go and what we will create.

Wherever you are, when you find visionaries willing to take chances and support innovation, find a way to keep that momentum going. Put your heart and soul into the projects that you want to attract more of. Find the people driven to do great things. And no matter where change takes you, always stay connected to them.

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