Friday, March 2, 2012

Too busy being busy.

Without any semblance of bedside manner, my alarm clock ambushes me each morning. The grating noise crashes dreams and sets the conscious mind loose. Oh man, it seems like I just contained that thing minutes ago. Here we go again.

What day is it? What are my deadlines? How much coffee do I have access to?

I lay there watching the clock slowly change. One number at a time. You get a sense for the length of a minute when you do that. It feels like a long time, right? Throughout the day minutes disappear at warp speed though. As if they never existed.

Then, like a broken record, my mind runs through projects I'm working on. For whatever reason, this is a key time when I make sense of ideas. The subconscious solutions from the night before are there. Briefly. Waiting to be mixed with clarity.

I've maintained a crazy level of busyness for the last year. Being busy is a good thing, but I'm hoping to find more balance. More mandatory lost-in-the-moment time. Without the damn alarm clock.

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