Monday, September 5, 2011

Past and Present. Blended.

Dear Photograph,
I told you there would be better days.
Joel Witte
I've seen the future, and the future is… well, actually it might be the past. Albeit a never-ending, future-feeling remix of the past. Yesterdays. Todays. Tomorrows. Layers upon layers of intuition gleaned from years of exploration. Reflections and realizations.

Dear Photograph, a blog by Taylor Jones, overlaps frozen moments from the past with present time and space. Old photographs lined up in current surroundings. Literally matching physical perspectives while looking back with if-I-had-only-known-then emotional perspective. The effect is powerful. Sometimes quirky. Sometimes heartbreaking.

It's a simple, yet profound idea. Family photos of strangers, evocatively telling us so much more than what we would have taken from the photo alone. Exposing introspection in a visceral way.

The photograph is tangible, but captures something fleeting. Something gone the second it is taken. Never to be exactly replicated. Always remembered as it was.

As time passes, you begin to remember the photo. Not specifically the moment as much. Maybe through something new, like technologically revisiting our former haunts, we'll find a window to the past. And see the future.

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