Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creatively agnostic.

As Garreth Kay beautifully articulated, the underlying strategy for everything from Making Digital Work was that "we need to become keen observers on human behavior." Technology advances. Digital strategy adapts. Motivation changes. No matter what the medium, remember, you are trying to reach people with something they find meaningful. And that's a constant.
"When people share content, they're building their brand. Not yours." – Daniel Stein
Everyone is uncomfortable with the ever-changing technological landscape. Get comfortable with that. Even the students at Boulder Digital Works are becoming experts in technology that may be obsolete by the time they graduate. And that's fine. They're trained to be creatively agnostic. To experiment and tinker. To engage in play that leads to legitimate implementation. To see the bigger picture.

From the beginning conceptual phase, include people who are well-versed in emerging technology. They are the illustrious makers. Creatives are sometimes perfectionists. However, the tension between the makers and the idealists creates better work. Both sides pushing each other forward. Collaborating in a more iterative way. Allowing ideas to drive technology. Steering away from technology for technology's sake. And making sure ideas can actually be implemented before a creative visionary promises something crazy in a pitch that cannot be done. (Only doable crazy please.)

Innovation thrives when teams are cross-trained. Creatives learning technological possibilities. Developers reading Hey Whipple, Squeeze This and knowing how to foster a concept. Account people up-selling through understanding both sides and building optimal project teams.

The sooner we realize we are uncertainly certain about anything, the better. After all, as Bernbach warned, "Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art." We are persuading human behavior. And for now anyway, you can believe that.

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