Monday, July 25, 2011

Politically creative.

No matter where you reside within an advertising agency, you're going to need some political prowess. Trust me, I'm a creative incumbent. You need it. Internally and externally. Like it or not, you are being judged.

How do you masterfully persuade a room? Can you command respect from your team? Do you effortlessly inspire action?

Much like a hopeful politician, the optimistic creative cautiously begins a new campaign. Carefully crafting strategy. Aligning personal belief. Preemptively asking questions and preparing for debate.

I've written about the art of selling before. It comes down to your own authentic endorsement. There's a difference between passionately standing behind the work and apologetically running through creative you wish could have been better. Your audience will sense it. Go in there unprepared and prepare to head back to the drawing board.

As a creative, I feel your pain. Our tendency is to dwell on what could have been. 

Sometimes, we're too close to it. Or maybe there were too many obstacles. Either way, we have to ignite the spark. The one that shows up in our eyes when we present work we're truly excited about. The unmistakable glow surrounding a passion project explanation. The unwavering confidence reassuring your direction. The contagious charisma leaving your audience wanting more. Maybe even without revisions.

Creativity is not really measurable. It's subject to popular opinion.

Back your work with research. Emphasize why it speaks to your audience. Be ready for an opposing view, or ten. And, most importantly, make sure you are an avid supporter of the work. And yourself.

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