Sunday, May 8, 2011

The surface is deep.

The surface glimmers with intrigue and anticipation. It promises possibility and invites speculation. It curiously holds our attention. Begging us to look closer. Denying us details. Leaving us wanting more.

Disenchantment is in the details.
How long can you hover above something without getting mired in mundane minutiae? Will you stave off reality's inevitable infiltration? Can you hold the spotlight while the next big thing's shadow creeps closer. And closer. Until darkness overwhelms.

Advertising varnishes the surface.
Something forgotten becomes relevant. A product in a sea of like-products becomes the shiniest option. With extreme sheen and authenticity, a brand becomes the generic name for an entire category.

From the outside in.
Good advertising changes the perception of what's underneath the surface. Great advertising captures and celebrates real value below the fold. A new surface attracts an empowered audience of brand advocates. Prepare to deliver, or frivolously step aside.

Surface knowledge.
In Wired UK, Russell M. Davies has an interesting take on knowledge depth. He explores surface fascination – ironically deep for creative people. By overlapping surfaces, they create something the world swears they've never seen before. Maybe they haven't. Maybe they have. Either way, it sure is shiny. Let's get a closer look.

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