Saturday, February 19, 2011

Choose boldly.

There it is. A simple philosophical thought exponentially magnified through development and execution. Whether or not Jim Beam is worthy of such a grandiose movement, it's pure genius from StrawberryFrog.

Willem Dafoe embodies the "Bold Choices" campaign. Any actor who can realistically play Jesus, a vampire, and everything in between has serious choice range.

The idea that life is a series of choices is a powerful thought. That your choices define you. They incrementally change who you are. If you were offered the same choice that you made years ago, would the "you" today make the same choice? Maybe. Maybe not.

What if you could give your younger self choice advice? I love the raw honesty in this post answering that very question.

The "Bold Choices" spot illustrates life as a mixture of better, worse, and seemingly insignificant choices. Most people have maybe a dozen pivotal choices in their lifetime. Those are the ones we relive. They torment us. They make us smile. We learn from them. They push us toward greatness. They hold us back. We celebrate and fear them.

At each crossroads, we decide whether or not we will be bold. Life adjusts accordingly and we get more chances to change our course.

Fate is not something that just happens. It depends on choice and thrives on opportunity. So, choose boldly.

[Here is Strawberryfrog's behind the scenes footage.]

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