Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art is weird.

I've been going through my old school papers and process/sketchbooks. The conclusion I've drawn from this mass of yellow-paged insanity? Art is weird. That, and I used to have legible handwriting.

It all comes back. The sleepless nights at my drafting table. The wasted hours at the copy place. The blinding glow of a computer screen in the dark. The looming and horrendous x-acto blade incident stories. (Thankfully, I only had one. It involved me gathering the courage to go back to the cutting board and find the rest of my finger – not knowing exactly how much I was missing. Only a sliver, nonetheless, unpleasant.)

Color analysis and perspective. Form and function. Deriving meaning from someone's vision. The critiques. The presentations. The deadlines. Uh, well, I guess some of that never left. It just evolved into advertising and marketing.

The funny thing about art is that there are rules, but there are no rules. In fact, you're encouraged to break the rules, but you must know how to do it and have a reason. Art as a science relies on aesthetic balance and intended purpose.

At it's best, art is a rebellion against what exists and a celebration of what's possible. So much of art cannot be learned. You have it or you don't. Basically, you hone your natural skills and learn to bullshit eloquently. Don't get me wrong, it all comes down to selling artistic meaning. And, that's not easy when you've got a room full of business-minded people.

Art thrives between the lines of what's obvious or taken for granted. Sometimes I think it's weird that I love my job so much. It's not like I'm saving lives or anything, but I hope to be inspiring people in the lives they live. Painting pictures through art and messaging. Using humor and authenticity as my mediums of choice. 

Sidenote: Does anyone else still have the school anxiety dreams? You realize you've enrolled in a course and haven't been there yet. Can't find your locker. Can't remember the lock combination anyway. Maybe you find out there was a mistake and you didn't actually graduate so you have to go back. The list goes on. Anyway, like I was saying… art and apparently artists are weird.

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