Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reanimating the story.

Once in a great while, a song momentarily stops your heart and commands full attention. The first time I heard this song, it was live. And mesmerizing. I had no background on the song's meaning or where the story was going. I hung on to every last poetic word.

I'm always most impressed when something ridiculous becomes something transcendent. This song resides at the intersection of absurdity and raw beauty. Fabrication-cloaked authenticity. A darkly-optimistic fairy tale with an underlying morale. Naive love, fame, and consequence.

Previously, I was somewhat familiar with Josh Ritter (old albums and, admittedly, mostly the Aesthetic Apparatus posters). His music is outside my normal music genre preference, but his narrative lyrics are complex and inspiring. He's the Midwestern singer-songwriter son of two neuroscientists – writing his first novel.

As writing becomes more about 140-character function and less about form, it's refreshing to hear a lyricist so driven to pair the right words together. He joked that he has trouble ordering at a drive-thru window. Continually writing, editing, and rewriting.

Take a moment and check out Liam Hurley's visual interpretation of the song that got my attention, The Curse. It's the story of a mummy who wakes up one day and falls in love with the archaeologist who is studying him.

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