Sunday, August 22, 2010

Research meet instinct. Now fight.

Whenever a new campaign is underway, there's a power struggle between instinct and research. It's not a situation where instinct and research enter a room and only one leaves. There are not (usually) any 'whimsical intuition' versus 'concrete research' angry-dance-offs. They have to coexist. However, their percentage of concept ownership is a moving target.

Seth Godin posted some thoughts on using internal monologue in marketing. Figuring out how we decide is important in determining how our audience decides. Mixing this introspection with targeted research is the idea. More importantly, we have to consider who the audience wants to be.

And just because a campaign is working now, doesn't mean it won't need to evolve with the audience. Instinct plays heavily into the category-reinvention direction. If instinct comes through, it throws reigning competitive leaders into a frenzy to catch up.

Make sure you do your initial research, but then put it aside for a moment. Look at things with a fresh perspective. Take the established category rules away. Ask "why?" and "what if?" And listen to the voice* inside your head. 

*Note I said voice, singular. If 'voice' happens to be plural for you, don't listen to those. Just kidding. But no, really.

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