Sunday, August 8, 2010

Advertising. For better or worse.

So you want to succeed in advertising? Well, there's just one thing that's essential beyond mind-blowing talent. Something you can't learn in school. The thing that makes you take an unpaid internship just for the chance to briefly be mentored by a creative genius. A crazy obsession with ideas and cultures. Maybe even psychology. A need to be surrounded by others who share this inspiration/addiction.

You have to love it.

Now don't get me wrong, a career in advertising is like any relationship. It's a spontaneous roller coaster. Euphoric and uncertain. You'll laugh. You'll cry. Sometimes at the same time. There are days you will hate it. Times when ideas get killed or, for whatever reason, are not possible. But, deep down, you know you will love it again. More than you did before.

There will be moments when you'll question your creative worthiness. Other times you'll experience a knee-weakening adrenaline rush. Swooning over a new creative brief. Drunk with what could be. What will be.

It can consume your thoughts. Your dreams. Your life. But, you won't mind. Because you love it. And, on most days, that's enough.

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