Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reality in digital or digital in reality?

(Source: Dreamworks)
There's a lot of talk about digitally disconnecting in order to connect with reality. The brave only dare visit this imaginary offline, unprofiled, non-status-updated world. Ironically, the articles are primarily coming from the most connected people in digital strategy and planning. The reality is, it's getting harder to distinguish where online stops and offline begins.

Either way, it's a celebrated blog topic. Experimentally, people will go days without checking in with their digital comrades. Yes, DAYS. And hopefully live to update their networks about real-world findings. They speak of human interaction in "real-time" and tell crazy tales of single-tasking. Okay, I'm guilty of writing about it myself. And yes, technically I'm writing about it again here.

In spite of sporadic disconnection efforts, digital experience and personal reality are intertwining more and more by the second. There's no going back. Integrated advertising finds us where we live, online and offline.

In two days, W+K changed integrated advertising – immediately taking Old Spice everywhere with a full-on, calculated (and hilarious) assault. Brilliantly written and responsively executed on-the-fly, the campaign connected with the world whether they cared about the actual product being sold or not. Personal ad targeting is here and getting closer to what we saw imagined in Minority Report.
Jason Mick reports, In Tokyo Big Brother is really watching you – with billboard cameras that scan nearby viewers' age and sex. Japanese firms believe they can use these metrics, much like internet advertising, to better target customers.
Check out this slide deck from BBH Labs. Mel Exon illustrates marketing insight through integrated reality. Where online and offline inevitably collide.

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