Sunday, June 20, 2010

The 3six5 Project: 365 days told by 365 different people

What happens when crowdsourcing gets personal? (Actually, collaborative storytelling is more like it. Or how about human-centered digitology?) So far it's generating diverse content and capturing an even bigger picture.

Chicago-based digital strategist Len Kendall and social media manager Daniel Honigman are coordinating this amazing participatory project. Through 365 perspectives, they are daily life streaming 2010. The end result will be an eclectic journal for the year.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to engage with the project. You can read my story here. It's a very personal connection between observation, participation, and culture. Enjoy.

[An impressive variety of authors have and will be participating in the project. I recommend you follow the daily journey at the3six5.posterous. There's also a great interview about the project by BBH Labs.]

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