Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why you should apply for Next Creatives. Now.

Your book. Your ability. Your connections. After years of school and work experience, it all comes down to those three factors. The Next Creatives portfolio program is an opportunity to build all three in six weeks. So throw out your sense of entitlement, roll up your sleeves, and commit to some good old-fashioned hard work. Seriously, you're not too busy, and it's worth it.

So here's the part where I go into the "back in my day… walking uphill both ways, barefoot in snow, etc." speech, right? Okay, maybe a little bit. I did a portfolio program in Minneapolis which was the main reason I secured a job in my industry before I graduated. Let's just say when you know Joe Duffy is going to look at your portfolio, you step it up. On top of that, I had a really competitive class. Most of them ended up in Minneapolis, Chicago, and beyond (ever heard of Droga5, Razorfish or CP+B? Yeah, that's what I was up against.)

Not only does Next give you one-on-one insight from three of the most respected creative directors in the region, it gives you a chance to see what your peers are doing and compete. Maybe even find a partner that's as driven as you are (crucial in your quest for ad industry world domination). Then there's the networking, if all that wasn't enough.

As they say, you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with. If you're happy with "comfortable and safe," go ahead and continue along your current daily routine path (did I mention that path could be mired in cobwebs and intense malaise).

However, if you are passionate about advertising and want a chance to do something remarkable with your career, apply for Next. Who knows, you might get a sweet new job out of the deal. It happened last time, it could happen again.

(Do your future self a favor and apply.)

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