Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brand trifecta, fail.

Why are we so underwhelmed with the Super Bowl spots? Let's start with the bar. It's exceptionally high for these coveted time slots. Big investment for a huge, diverse, and captive audience. Buzz kicks in early to hype potential front-runners. Any time I am told how amazing something is going to be, I automatically expect more from what it actually delivers. But, it's always fun to watch what brands do when they step into the ultimate advertising cage match.

Overall, the spots failed to effectively portray what I'll call the brand trifecta: brand culture, creative idea, exceptional execution. Most spots attempted to present at least one or two of these categories, but I don't think any of them completely nailed all three. Although Google took their simplicity angle to the next level. The product demonstration "story" was an obvious, but successful masterpiece. However, maybe a bit too quiet and deep for much of the Super Bowl crowd. There were some fun ideas, that were not targeted at the expected audience. Then some misguided ideas that were executed brilliantly. And also, lots and lots of just plain bad stuff. Nothing stuck with me as being an industry-changing campaign.

But hey, the game was excellent.

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