Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative. For sale by owner.

Developing creative is the fun part. But, selling creative and keeping it sold are the crucial parts. Have you ever witnessed an original campaign and wondered "How the hell did they sell that to the client?"

In a perfect world, we would be able to chanel the charisma of Steve Jobs at will (provided you sign the waiver agreeing to only use his power for good). His undeniable persuasive capability even has a name: reality distortion field. Apparently, anyone who stumbles near this area (even if they are aware of it's existence) might as well just give in. So far, proposed techniques for grounding this force of nature have been unsuccessful.

"In his presence, reality is malleable. He can convince anyone of practically anything. It wears off when he's not around, but it makes it hard to have realistic schedules." - Bud Tribble on working with Jobs
Joking aside, the man radiates passion. He does what he loves and success follows. His presentations are well-rehearsed and ooze with authentic emotion. The audience can feel it.

To sell creative, you have to truly believe in the creative. Check out how Mad Men's Don Draper pitches the Kodak Carousel. Brilliant.


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