Friday, November 27, 2009

Audio-induced creativity.

When you've exhausted the benefits of caffeine and hit the inevitably large creative wall, but you have to push through – try music.

"The use of music as a creativity endorphin is like a sonic caffeine" – says Don Campbell, classical musician and author. "Music can be used to activate, stimulate and relax the mind and body," Campbell adds. "More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of music in a work environment."
Music can affect your mood, transport you to a connected memory or era, propel you into a new perspective, allow your mind to focus, and even set a tone for your work (whether you realize it or not). Most importantly, music influences us on subconscious levels. Choosing a project or audience-inspired soundtrack can help facilitate intuitive connections, aka lateral thinking.

People define themselves through music. Finding new music that inspires me in some way is an ongoing journey. I'm drawn to a wide variety, but prefer complex, indie, and atmospheric music. My long-term favorite albums are the ones that seem to have a '3 listen minimum' before I truly appreciate them. In fact, sometimes I can't stand it on the first listen. Apparently, the third listen is when the new or uncomfortable becomes comfortable. Either that or the album gets left for dead and never gets a fourth play.


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