Sunday, October 11, 2009

Knowing a little about a lot.

Creativity is a place where we can get lost in the possibilities. The "what if" is by far my favorite part of advertising. Concepting requires us to bring a lot of randomness and research to the table. It turns out most of us creative-types have been collecting cultural information for most of our lives. Sooner or later we pull from this eclectic reserve. "You know that movie that starred so and so and had this guy who did this one thing?," "Now that you said that, it makes me think of this." "The brand could definitely own that." And so it goes, the creative catalyst response. We laugh, we share loosely connected anecdotes, improv scenarios (sometimes with unrelated accents), and at some point reach an insightful conclusion. The actual process cannot really be defined, it's essentially disciplined chaos.
"The process is always more enjoyable than the result." – Diablo Cody
In the end, no matter what the delivery vehicle, the core idea is the true currency. Art & Copy captures the exuberance of advertising when an idea significantly affects culture. Effective communication combines meaning with entertainment. Sometimes pulling from personal experience or authentic passion. And every now and then, with a little luck, it can be transcendent.


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