Sunday, October 4, 2009

Competition and the ongoing quest for differentiation.

Competition: It's our biggest obstacle in brand positioning, but at the same time offers a chance for differentiation. There would be no need for advertising without competition. What has been done vs. what could be done. There is always a better way, even though it's hard to believe while in the midst of a supposed moment of genius.

Competitive Nature: My sister and I could not even play board games together unless we were on the same team, in which case, no one really wanted to play us. I went out for sports, she went out for band. It was safer that way.

In retrospect, I owe a lot to my time in the pursuit of general athleticism (volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, gymnastics, whatever the season was, etc.). Sports kept me out of trouble, pushed me to challenge myself, and allowed me to offset my art geek/academic side. Of all the sports, I have the most gratitude towards basketball. It was the one that I had to work the hardest for. I was not the tallest, the fastest, or the most aggressive player. However, I found a niche where I could differentiate myself. I became the go to free throw specialist. This led to outside shots and a place on the starting team. As with anything worth working for, lots of practice and dedication.

Overall thought to this rambling post: Step outside your comfort zone. Challenge norms. What exists on a pedestal as the reigning brand standard will inevitably evolve. Find a niche, hone your skills, and always pursue the better way.

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