Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is this the Droid you're looking for?

And in this corner, weighing in with an impressive combination of hardware and Google brand strength, all the way from Verizon, we have the Motorola Droid. The official teaser campaign has launched, and the iPhone challenge has been issued. Could the Droid be the the first potential iPhone killer?

The spot blatantly mocks Apple's white space, catchy music, and ironically calls out the iPhone's shortcomings with "iDon't". All of this comes to a screeching halt with the Droid's edgy and aggressive takeover, finishing with "Droid does." We don't get to see the Droid yet, but the interruption and web site boldly encourage us to "deactivate our compromise".

The thing to keep in mind here is that Motorola owned the mobile phone category before iPhone. The Motorola Razr was a huge success. Unfortunately, they rested on their laurels. As pointed out in Do you matter?, the company simply applied the Razor veneer to new products. Instead of creating the next experiential step, they chose to imitate instead of innovate. They go on to test the level of Motorola's relevance in a post iPhone world:

A Stanford University engineering class was asked, “Who cares if Motorola goes out of business next week?” One person raised his hand. They then asked, “Who cares if Apple goes out of business next week?” Most of the class raised their hands.
Apple matters. They have mastered the choreography of the experience people have with their company through design and points of brand contact. The question is, will Motorola matter again with the Droid? Let's watch as the ad battle begins.

[The title of this post was inspired by Star Wars]


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