Monday, August 3, 2009

Be the audience, or who the audience wants to be.

What do Apple and Harley Davidson have in common? The ability to cultivate unconditional brand loyalty. By aligning their vision with the people who are most passionate about their brand, or the so-called brand evangelists, these companies have established a relationship of evolving authenticity. People are emotionally invested in these companies, and their success. Of course, I'm a member of the Apple cult, but what about Harley?

"Notorious since 1903" sets the stage for mischief and mayhem. Carmichael Lynch plays up the renegade factor – even though most customers are affluent, middle-aged professionals (28% have never owned a motorcycle before and a large percentage are women*). Unapologetic. Rugged. Bold. There's an experiential lifestyle element that becomes part of the brand's mystique. The general public follows because they want to believe, just for a moment… that they are the carefree rebel surrounded only by open road and adventure. 

*Post inspiration and statistics from Do You Matter? How Great Design will Make People Love Your Company

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